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  • MyHouseCall

    The MyHouseCall app brings doctors either to your door or right on your phone. No more office visits.

    Doug North Cook

    Forestry, a VR game from DecoderVR, puts you in the forest of your lumberjack dreams with unlimited construction and destruction at the hands of your mighty axes.

    John Goldschmidt

    Qlicket streamlines customer feedback for business in real time. So no more angry online reviews from guests. Say hi to John, and give a listen to the elevator pitch. 😎

    Yang Zhang

    Electrick turns any object or surface into a computer touchpad. We talk with Yang, the CMU PhD student behind the project.

    Mark DeSantis

    RoadBotics, a CMU spinout company, turns smartphone video of roadways into a full catalogue of infrastructure maintenance needs. We talk with the CEO, Mark.

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    Say hello to Leah Simoncelli, Operations Manager for the 2017 Hardware Cup, which is an annual...
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